The MYMIC Training Difference

Our Vision

New technologies are changing the way we live, work, communicate, and learn. Due to these changes in technologies, it is important to keep up and not fall behind.

Therefore our Game-Based training style can help you reach your learners and enhance training programs. In addition our training will increase safety awareness and because of this increase productivity.

Our Safety Training Products

MYMIC’s Game-Based safety training products replace static training materials. Including state of the art 3D training simulations.  in addition our training will keep users more engaged.  Hence creating a safer work environment for all employees

Our approach is immersive, engaging, and in compliance with OSHA standards.  Thus allowing the user to explore and apply new knowledge in risk-free situations. As a result, training simulations are one of the most productive forms of learning.

The MYMIC Training Difference

MYMIC Training Technologies consistently raises the bar with safety training, in developing the science and technology behind computer-based and interactive simulations. Furthermore this supports decision making, and job-specific competencies, most noteworthy improving employee safety and operational efficiency.

As a result only MYMIC blends the best multi-media learning designs and techniques.  Rather than the former way of instructor led or boring power point.  Above all MYMIC ensures that the user stays engaged throughout the entire training.

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MYMIC Testimonials

Chris Volke

Operations and Compliance Manager, American President Lines

“Within 2 years of launching the ship familiarization training, it has fully paid for itself.”

Dave Breen

General Manager, Trade Team Workforce Staffing

“Thanks in part to the MYMIC training video, we haven’t had a lost time accident this year.”

Dave Tabar

Global Director HS&E

“The way of the future is the way that MYMIC works.”

MYMIC Training Technologies

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Our approach is immersive and engaging, allowing the user to explore and apply new knowledge in risk-free situations. That’s what makes training simulations one of the most productive forms of learning.

Address: MYMIC Training Technologies
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Portsmouth, Va 23703

Phone: 757-391-9200

Business Hours: 9a-4:30p M-F

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