Why choose MYMIC for OSHA compliant training?

OSHA compliant training is necessary for a number of businesses, and choosing the correct training can be the difference in a successful training program or not. OSHA rules are constantly being revised and changed, and staying up to date with the changes can be a challenge. MYMIC has a highly skilled team that is always on top of rule changes and makes sure the training abides by them. Often times, some rules from OSHA can be swept under the carpet but they might not seem relevant. MYMIC focuses on covering rules that are applicable to each company and their industry.
MYMIC Training Technologies consistently raises the bar with safety training, in developing the science and technology behind computer-based and interactive simulations. Furthermore this supports decision making, and job-specific competencies, most noteworthy improving employee safety and operational efficiency.
As a result only MYMIC blends the best multi-media learning designs and techniques. Rather than the former way of instructor led or boring power point. Above all MYMIC ensures that the user stays engaged throughout the entire training.

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