What We Do



New technologies are changing the way we live, work, play, communicate, and learn. Keeping up with these changes and adapting to the evolving training needs of today’s organizations and workforce is challenging to any company. MYMIC Training Technologies creative production team will allow your employees to be smarter, by leveraging the most advanced game-based interactive augmented reality platforms like Oculus Rift, Tango Tablet, mobile apps and HoloLens, with tested learning designs to optimize learning objectives, retention and desired cognitive behaviors.


MYMIC’s video simulations and interactive game-based training tools allow customers to reduce training costs, better communicate with new workforce learners, and provide a safer working environment, while improving productivity and profitability. Deploying the most advanced and cutting edge technology decreases production time, allowing the training content to get to market faster, while optimizing the fidelity, realism and user reception. The primary goal of our training products is to reduce accidents, time away from work, and lost-time wages.



Reaching your employees quickly through 24/7 on-demand computer-based learning and through MYMIC’s custom Learning Management System, improves productivity, and increases safety awareness, while improving profitability by reducing employee and trainer time away from the work site. With an archive of teaching topics, a supervisor can rapidly deploy any title to an employee or entire organization, through a laptop or smartphone.


MYMIC’s approach is immersive and engaging, allowing the user to explore and apply new knowledge in risk-free situations. That’s what makes training simulations one of the most effective forms of learning. Their compelling training simulations help engage employees in transferring knowledge of industry and job specific competencies, offering customers the opportunity to significantly increase their company’s safety and operational efficiency.

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