Maritime Products

Maritime Safety Training

Mymic Training provides the Maritime training necessary for workers on marina, ports, and shipyards. Safety Training topics include maritime safety training awareness, port and longshore operations, and ship familiarization tour. All the safety training products are interactive and in OSHA compliance with OSHA regulations and standards.
Marina Safety Awareness
This video demonstrates the game-based training that allows trainees to interact with a virtual marina. Some of the topics for interactions include, dock hazards, fueling electrical, PASS, dry storage, and power tools. Companies are also able to customize their training for what they need to focus on.
Port & Longshore Operations & Safety
Port Safety, Security and Environmental
Ship Familiarization Tour
This video gives a virtual tour of a ship and breaks it down into three modules. The modules are an overview of the ship, the ships emergency protocols, and the ship board safety.
Shipyard Safety Awareness
This video demonstrates the game-based training allowing for interaction with a virtual ship yard, with an overall goal to optimize learning and reduce accidents and injuries. This product is available in Spanish and French.


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