MYMIC Training Technologies at the Naval STEM Exposition

MYMIC Training Technologies was a big presence this past weekend at the Naval STEM Exposition.  The majority of the audience was middle and high school students because of their interest in naval career field. This exposition is perfect platform for young students to get a better understanding of all the opportunities that are available.

Oculus Rift

MYMIC had their own exhibit set up that gave people a chance to interact with four products.  The first interactive activity was the Oculus Rift goggles.  The Oculus Rift goggles give users the experience of being in a virtual world.  For this virtual world users received a first-hand experience of a tour of a shipping container ship.  This was one of the most popular activities due to the high popularity of the Oculus Rift.

Tango Tablet

Another interactive activity for people, was with the Tango Tablet.  The Tango Tablet augments reality to make virtual objects appear 3D.  People were able to look at equipment that would be used in the Navy and Maritime industry.  The Parrot Escape game was also played on the tablet due to its high popularity. People were eager to play to have their chance at setting the high score and winning the prize.

Interactive Poster

In addition, people had the chance to see some of MYMIC’s newest technology in the Interactive Poster. The Interactive Poster makes posters come to life with the use of a smartphone or tablet and the app because of the breakthrough technology.  Some examples of the posters that people could test out were the sexual assault and sexual harassment, fuel oil, and ship familiarization.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Lastly, was the Fire Extinguisher Training.  The Fire Extinguisher Training follows the P.A.S.S guidelines.  As a result of passing, users will receive a passing certificate.

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