Are you 29CFR Part 1904 Compliant?
The most complete training video for OSHA accident recording and record keeping.
Recently, OSHA told MYMIC directly that this is the most important topic they recommended for today’s businesses.
Training Topics:
* Learn if your company is required to be OSHA compliant.
* Record Keeping vs Recording
* Review Many Scenarios and test your ability to decide when to act.
* What does “Work-Related” really mean?
Features and Benefits only this Training Provides:
* Online Training module available 24/7.
* Provides all content that your company needs to know.
* Interactive and engaging user experience.
* Includes links to resources including electronic forms.

Be OSHA compliant at a cost of only $250
* Inclusive for 5 Locations *

Contact or 757-392-2867


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