Globally Harmonized Standards

MYMIC Training Technologies' Globally Harmonized Standards safety training is created to teach users the proper safety measures and cautions to take when working with Globally Harmonized Standards to ensure optimal safety. All of the safety techniques that are demonstrated in the Globally Harmonized Standards safety training are complaint to OSHA's rules, regulations, and standards. This Globally Harmonized Standards safety training is unique in that is uses augmented reality technology throughout the training. That means that users will experience examples of dangerous and hazardous situations as if they were there in the moment but without being in any real physical harm. Users taking the safety training will be able to interact with the training because there are multiple areas from them to click, as well as periodic quizzes on the material. The quizzes are unique to the safety training because users must receive a certain grade, which is determined by employer, on the quiz to continue the safety training module. The United Nations created a universally recognized system for labeling harmful chemicals. It was created to replace the labelling standards used in different countries by using consistent criteria on a global level. The hazards that are covered by Globally Harmonized Standard include physical hazards, health hazards, environmental hazards, and classification of mixtures. Most labels include symbols, signal words, product identifier, supplier identification and supplemental information. The Globally Harmonized Standard hazard pictograms, signal words and hazard statements should be located together on the label. The actual label format or layout is not specified in the Globally Harmonized Standard. National authorities may choose to specify where information should appear on the label or allow supplier discretion. There has been discussion about the size of pictograms and that a Globally Harmonized Standard pictogram might be confused with a transport pictogram or "diamond". Transport pictograms are different in appearance than the pictograms. Annex 7 of the Purple Book explains how the pictograms are expected to be proportional to the size of the label text so that generally the pictograms would be smaller than the transport pictograms. At the end of MYMIC Training Technologies' Globally Harmonized standard safety training users will understand what Globally Harmonized Standards is. Users will also learn any significant changes in the OSHA standards and their deadlines, as well as record keeping sheets, new label requirements, review pictograms, and hazard communication sample label. Users of the safety training will realize the importance of proper labeling and how it can impact safety as well as the environment. This safety training created by MYMIC Training Technologies is unique in that the users will full interaction with all aspects of the training. They will have full range to click on objects in the training to learn more in depth information about the importance of Globally Harmonized Standards.
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