Incident-Specific Learning Team Training

The Incident-Specific Learning team training created by MYMIC Training Technologies is unique in its own with the highly detailed avatars recreating a scenario. That scenario provides high level executives examples of ways to handle machinery work incidents. The first scenario that is demonstrated by the avatars starts off with a common incident in the work place. A pallet jack is wedged stuck underneath a pallet and the employee is doing her best to free the pallet jack. As the employee works with the pallet jack moving it up and down, she find and opportunity to pull it out. To her dismay, the large objects on the boxes tumbled over cause her to fall and become injured. Preceding the injury to the employee, the executives put together a learning team to discuss the incident and learn from it. The ideal learning team set up is typically five to six members, with a learning team coach guiding the meeting. The members should include the supervisor of the injured employee and a person who witnessed the event take place. The learning team members should try and keep it simple as the story can often get complex depending on the number of witnesses present. The first meeting session should be learning as much as possible about the incident, taking notes on important parts of the story. Also in the first meeting, the piece of equipment should be analyzed by determining if accidents have happened with this piece of equipment before and what was done to help prevent it the first time. The next session should be a twenty-four hour period known as soak time. Soak time gives the team time to take everything in as well as time for the team leader to determine if there is any more questions that need clarifying. A safety contact will be joining in to review what was talked about in the last meeting, what went well versus what did not go well, as well as what could have been done to make it better. Once the team has gathered and questioned everything they will have a review to make a change for a better work place. Each person in the team will have the change to share his or her views on what can be done to prevent this same injury from happening down the road in the future. The team leader should be encouraging members to be comfortable enough to speak their honest opinion. This training created by MYMIC Training Technologies gives users an interactive chance to see the entire process of dealing with an injury. Making sure that all the necessary actions are taken is vital to keeping the work place as safe as it can be.
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