Interactive Poster

MYMIC Training Technologies has created a first to market product in the Interactive Poster. The interactive Poster is the first of its kind with the advance technology, which is proprietary to MYMIC Training Technologies, used to make the poster come to life. With the use of the Interactive Poster App, which is free to download on both Android and IOS devices, users can scan the image on the poster by pointing their camera at the image. Once the app scans the image, it will then come to life with a unique and compelling video. The MYMIC Training Technologies Interactive Posters can be used for general safety training, health and wellness, site-specific instructions, OSHA compliance, and testimonials. MYMIC Training Technologies created this multi-functional product to be used by numerous industries who are targeting the millennial age demographic, which is becoming the largest demographic in the workforce. The Interactive Poster is revolutionizing the traditional static safety poster by developing a way to get users even more involved and aware of the safety hazards surrounding the workplace. The Interactive Poster can have directions or checklist that will play for users to know what to do before using piece of equipment. To make sure that it is being used to its full potential; data can be tracked and reviewed for record keeping purposes. This is a new and creative way to communicate with employees besides the traditional ways. Adding this Interactive Poster in as a means of communicating can differentiate a company's workplace. The Companies who wish to use the Interactive Poster can control nearly everything about it, including the image on the poster as well as the video content that is played once the image is scanned. Besides being used for safety purposes, this is a great interactive product that can elevate a company's marketing and branding. Politicians will be using the Interactive Poster as their campaign signs because they will have the capability to deliver personal messages their group of followers. Movie Theatres will use this technology for new movies coming to theatres. Users will be able to see the trailer of a movie just by using their phone camera to scan a movie image. The goal MYMIC Training Technologies had in mind when creating the Interactive Poster was to create a unique experience each time. With all the advancements in technology keeping employees and customers engaged can be difficult. The Interactive Poster will help leverage that experience and keeping customers and employees happy. MYMIC Training Technologies' has a highly skilled and dedicated engineering team that can interchange both the image and video as the user pleases. Users of the Interactive Poster are encouraged to create custom content to really make their own.
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