Ladder Training

MYMIC Training Technologies' Ladder safety training is created to teach users the proper safety measures and cautions to take when using ladders to ensure optimal safety. All of the safety techniques that are demonstrated in the Ladder safety training are complaint to OSHA's rules, regulations, and standards. This ladder safety training is unique in that is uses augmented reality technology throughout the training. That means that users will experience examples of dangerous and hazardous situations as if they were there in the moment but without being in any real physical harm. Users taking the safety training will be able to interact with the training because there are multiple areas from them to click, as well as periodic quizzes on the material. The quizzes are unique to the safety training because users must receive a certain grade, which is determined by the employer, on the quiz to continue the safety training module. MYMIC Training Technologies' Ladder safety training covers the different type's ladders, such as step ladders, platform ladders, trestle ladders, two-way stepladder, and single portable, which can be made from wood, steal, and fiberglass. This is important to note because different type of ladders may call for special safety wear or setup. Along with the different types of ladders, this ladder safety training also covers ladder selection, proper ladder setup, appropriate ladder use, and best practices. Depending on the type of ladder being used, OSHA could have different rules and regulations for each. An example would be ladder placement, based off of the height of the building or object that needs to be scaled, the ladder must be placed a certain distance away from the building or object to ensure stable support when scaling. Putting a ladder to close may cause the ladder to fall backwards because there is not enough support at the base to keep the ladder standing tall. A ladder that is placed too far away may fall as well, due to the small angle placement. According to OSHA, the proper distance for a ladder to be placed is determined by the height of the building or object divided by four. Depending on the job where the ladder is being used, certain ladder types might not be allowed. Electricians, who are working at heights with live wires, should not be using a ladder made out of metal. Electrical companies who provide their employees with improper equipment can face hefty fines from OSHA. MYMIC Training Technologies has a highly qualified team that has dedicated numerous hours into making sure the Ladder Safety Training is completely compliant by OSHA standards and is interactive for the users to keep them fully engaged.
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