Personal Protective Equipment

MYMIC Training Technologies' Personal Protective Equipment safety training was created to teach users the proper safety measures and cautions to take when using and operating equipment that requires Personnel Protective Equipment. All of the safety techniques that are demonstrated in the Personal Protective Equipment safety training are complaint to OSHA's rules, regulations, and standards. This Personal Protective Equipment safety training is unique in that is uses augmented reality technology throughout the training. That means that users will experience examples of dangerous and hazardous situations as if they were there in the moment but without being in any real physical harm. Users taking the safety training will be able to interact with the training because there are multiple areas for them to click on, as well as periodic quizzes on the material. The quizzes are unique to the safety training because users must receive a certain grade, which is determined by the employer, on the quiz to continue the safety training module. MYMIC Training Technologies' Personal Protective Equipment covers the basic types of protection used in day to day activities. The equipment covered includes welding shields, shaded lenses, face shields, and hand protection. Each piece of equipment is equally important as they protect different parts of the body and may have different rules established by OSHA. The welding shield is specially designed for welding purposes as it works to prevent burns on the neck and face as well as protect the eyes from the harmful rays that are put off. Shaded lenses must be worn when torch cutting or burning. Even though the light is not as bright compared to welding, flash burns can still happen. When grinding, a face shield must be worn to protect from sparks, burns, and debris. Gloves must be worn at all times according to OSHA. The gloves must be made to protect from cuts, scrapes, punctures, and heat. If an employee is in a situation to where there may be harmful odors in the air, air purifying respirators must be worn. MYMIC Training Technologies Personal Protective Equipment safety training will take users into a fabrication shop and let them interact and choose which equipment should be worn and win. Completing the Personal Protective Equipment safety training will help lower employees risk of an injury to the body as well as help in avoiding the hefty fines of OSHA. MYMIC Training Technologies has put together a highly skilled team that has dedicated numerous hours into each safety training module. This is to ensure that each safety training module is compelling, interactive for the users, and informs the user of all the necessary rules, regulations, and standards of OSHA.
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