Scaffolding Training

MYMIC Training Technologies' Scaffolding safety training is created to teach users the proper safety measures and cautions to take when using scaffolds to ensure optimal safety. All of the safety techniques that are demonstrated in the Scaffolding safety training are compliant to OSHA's rules, regulations, and standards. This safety training is unique in that it is uses augmented reality technology throughout the training. That means that users will experience examples of dangerous and hazardous situations as if they were there but without being in any real physical harm. Users taking the safety training will be able to interact with the training because they will have multiple areas that they can click on, as well as being quizzed on the material as the complete the safety training. The user must receive a certain grade on the quiz, which is determined by the employer, to continue moving through the safety training module. The scaffolding safety training covers the different types of scaffolds such as self-supporting scaffolds and suspension scaffolds. The safety training informs the user of important things to consider when choosing a scaffold. Load capacity is something that needs to be taken into consideration as there are different OSHA rules for different load capacities. The higher the load capacity will require certain "D" rings and snap hooks. In order to meet the OSHA scaffold standards, the "D" hooks and snap hooks must be made from drop-forged, pressed, or formed steel. They must also have a corrosion-resistant finish with smooth surfaces and edges to prevent damage to connecting parts of the system. Also being aware of the scaffolding hazards, and making sure that the person who is using the scaffold is properly qualified needs to be taken into consideration by the employer when delegating employees to work with scaffolds. Each scaffold that is being used in the work place may have different guidelines for inspections, safety tags, proper use, and dismantling requirements. After completing MYMIC Training Technologies' scaffolding safety training the user will have a firm understanding that setting up and taking down a scaffold is just as important and dangerous as using a scaffold. OSHA recognizes that there are some safe work practices when using a scaffold that MYMIC Training Technologies' Scaffolding training covers in-depth with user interactivity. Safe work practices covered are guardrails and toe boards, safety harness, and proper equipment. Users will also be informed when proper safety equipment is needed according to OSHA's standards and rules. According to OSHA, working at any heights of four feet or higher need proper safety wear. MYMIC Training Technologies has a highly qualified team that has dedicated numerous hours into making sure the Scaffolding Safety Training is completely compliant by OSHA standards and is interactive for the users to keep them fully engaged.
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