Fall Protection Training

One of MYMIC Training Technologies most popular safety training topics is Fall Protection. MYMIC's Fall Protection safety training is interactive for users as well as abides with OSHA compliance. This safety training will guide users through the steps to recognize potential fall hazards and what to do if presented in a hazards situation. This safety training will put users in a unique augmented hazardous fall situation using equipment such as scaffolds, aerial lifts, and ladder situations. OSHA recognizes these pieces of equipment as being dangerous if not used properly. MYMIC Training Technologies provides in depth detail for each piece of equipment that the user can interact with while completing the safety training. Fall protection safety training will provide information on the different types of equipment, what to take into consideration when choosing a piece of equipment, the unique guidelines to the equipment, and the safe work practices. Since all of MYMIC Training Technologies safety trainings are OSHA compliant, users will learn what OSHA considers a dangerous height that needs protection. Such as anytime an employee or worker is working at a height above four feet, or working over dangerous equipment or machinery, the worker is considered to be at risk and needs to be equipped with the proper fall safety equipment. Employers are responsible for setting up the work places to prevent a fall incident from happening. Fall Protection safety training will show users ground and structural hazards that can be over looked when using certain pieces of equipment. On the ground users will learn from this safety training that holes must be properly covered and should not be underneath any piece of equipment that is in use. On buildings that are under construction or buildings that may be damaged, all ramps and runways, door openings, stair and elevator openings, and leading edge work must be properly protected by OSHA standards, rules, and regulations. MYMIC Training Technologies' safety training also teaches user about how to use the equipment that is designed to keep them from falling. Important OSHA rules can be easily overlooked that is putting employees and workers in jeopardy of falling. An example would be using lanyards that meet the minimum break strength that OSHA has determined to be safe. Different types of lanyards must be used in different situations to ensure the work is completed safely. This safety training keeps the users engaged with interactive and augmented technology that puts the user in the hazardous situation without being in any real danger. By doing that the user will get a better understanding of dangerous situations and will know what to do because they will feel like that have been in the situation before. This safety training that was created by MYMIC Training Technologies is designed for companies who employ workers to do work at heights that could be considered dangerous by OSHA.
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