MYMIC Training Technologies has a dedicated graphics team that is able to fulfill the needs of all customers.  Spencer Meine is apart of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, his experience in this field makes him a subject matter expert.  MYMIC created an Interactive Poster for him and his team to demo at their upcoming meetings.  Spencer was so pleased with the Interactive Poster that he shared some of his thoughts.

Thank you very much! This is huge for our group – will provide a visual that they can interact with on their phones and actually see. I apologize for the delay in my reply. We had school cancelled Friday due to weather.  I was just able to link up with and show this to Mike Bentley (who toured MYMIC with us last summer), who is the SOCP Future Leaders Group President here at MMA.

This is outstanding! We are extremely happy with what you’ve been able to put together on such short notice. We will be presenting this to our MMA SOCP FL Group during our meeting this Thursday. Very impressive how smoothly it all runs.

We are planning to have an MMA FL attendee at the SOCP Spring Summit present the SASH posters and demonstrate a SASH interactive poster such as this during the SASH discussion on the Summit Agenda.

Would it be possible to keep this content and load it onto one of the poster we’ve sent to you? I.e. one made by the students? We will be creating more of these posters and the goal is to motivate the kids to have one selected for a “winner” to be made into an interactive poster like this.

Again, thank you. This is outstanding and we would not be moving forward with such great progress if not for you and your team at MYMIC.



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